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June 4, 2010
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I call myself Alice. by Life-is I call myself Alice. by Life-is
Submission for the "Picture Yourself In Wonderland" Contest

Alice and Chessur:

" "It looks like you ran afoul of something with wicked claws" ...."At least let me bind it for you. ...What do you call yourself?"
"The Alice?"
"There's been some debate about that."
"I never get involved in politics." "

Yes, I'd be Alice, and I wish to be too.
I think my eyes here look a bit Mad Hatter ish, which I suppose is quite fitting.

SUPPOSED to be a sketchy background, as it is my imagination and therefore will fill in the details as I go..on my journey, as Alice. :p
And no, Chessur is not supposed to be all there.
Alice is perceiving the world around her, and this is drawn more from her point of view, therefore the things in her immediate environment, and the things she is paying explicit attention to, namely, Chessur, are the clearest, as she tries to make sense of it all.
She knows who she is, so she is the clearest, as she is most sure that she is real. She is interacting with Chessur, and he is therefore clear to her too, and the rest is being filled in as she learns to trust her perception rather than her 'perceptual set', or the preexisting expectations her mind has, such as there being no such place as she is perceiving and experiencing. The quotes, "But I must stop dreaming" as Chessur approaches her for the first time, and in an exchange with the Mad Hatter, ' "This is impossible" "Only if you believe it is" ', teaches Alice to believe in her imagination and to break beyond the boundaries and conventions societal structures teach in our world.
As this is an illustration of the beginning of her journey however, as she is starting to explore and notice where she is, her brain isn't sure if it can trust her perception of her surroundings, despite their existence. Thus, only a few things are clear as they are the things that she is surest of existing as realities.

And to draw Chessur, certainly the greatest character of all time. The Cheshire cat finally given a personality that's true of cats. LOVE him.

I thought I'd be fun.
Turns out it was. :D

Watercolour pencils and paints. <3
S-R-Schauer Aug 15, 2010  Professional Writer
Stunning hun, really. You captured the scene beautifully, and the idea that Chess is there, but not there. Fantastic, Zoe. Really fantastic ^^
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